Orbital and Eyelid Surgery in Philadelphia, PA

The orbital areas, sometimes called the eye sockets, are the parts of the face that surround the eyes. Together with the eyelids, the orbits protect the eyes and help keep them in place. If any of these structures become damaged, or if the eyelids naturally hang too low, you might suffer from obscured vision, nerve damage, muscle tears, and potentially permanent vision loss. At Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center, our team has a wealth of experience performing complex surgery for tear duct blockages, orbital floor fractures, tumors, drooping eyelids, and a number of other ocular disorders. If you're experiencing pain or vision issues as a result of orbital or eyelid problems, schedule a consultation with our ophthalmologists in Philadelphia, PA to discover if surgery can provide the relief and clearer vision you desire.

Each type of ocular surgery requires its own approach, which our team will review with you during your consultation. Some of the more common eye surgeries we perform at Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center are:

  • Tear duct surgery: If your eyes are constantly watery or inflamed, you may have a blockage or another problem in the lacrimal (tear duct) system. We can remove blockages by creating a small opening in the bones around your sinuses to allow tears to flow normally. In some cases, we may install a stent to ensure this opening doesn't close up again.
  • Orbital floor fracture surgery: After administering general anesthesia, your physician will create a small incision on your lower eyelid to access the tissues and bone behind it. Any tissues that have slipped into the fracture will be removed, and the break will be repaired to provide support to the bone.
  • Tumor excision: Depending on the tumor's location, size, and complexity, we may access it from the side of your eye or above/below. After removing the growth, we may perform reconstructive surgery around the muscles and tissues to ensure you can see and move your eye properly.
  • Blepharoplasty: More commonly known as eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper lid, lower lid, or both. After making a precise incision, your ophthalmologists will cut away any excess skin, fat, and other tissues, creating a more open, alert look. Once they're done, the incision will be closed with dissolvable sutures.

Ocular problems can irritate the eyes, block your vision, and even cause blindness if left untreated. The team at Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center is committed to helping each of our patients enjoy the benefits of healthy vision with specialized techniques for even the most complex cases. The benefits of orbital and eyelid surgery at our Philadelphia, PA facility include:

  • Improves the aesthetic appeal of the eyes
  • Prevents complications associated with common eye injuries and disorders
  • Relieves pain and pressure around the affected eye
  • Provides clearer, unobstructed vision

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If you have recently suffered an injury to the face, or if you're experiencing eye pain or irritation, you may require ocular surgery to restore the function of your eyes and prevent permanent damage. At Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center, our team can diagnose and treat a wide variety of common eye disorders and injuries to keep your sight healthy and clear. Schedule a consultation at our surgical center in Philadelphia, PA to learn more about how we can provide the relief you need.

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