Foot Fractures and Disorders in Philadelphia, PA

When it comes to conditions that affect your mobility and quality of life, foot and ankle disorders are among the worst. Whether you're suffering from an ingrown toenail, bunions, or a fractured foot, it can be difficult being kept from the activities you love most. At Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center, we offer advanced treatments for a variety of foot-related problems. Don't allow a foot injury to hold you back from enjoying all life has to offer. Schedule a consultation with our Philadelphia, PA surgeons today to get the treatment — and relief — you need.

While some foot conditions can be treated with more conservative therapeutics, surgery is sometimes needed to correct more complex issues. Some of the more common foot disorders we treat at our Philadelphia, PA facility include:

  • Bunions: Bunion surgery involves either removing the bunion or straightening the joint. The approach we use will depend on the size of your bunion and where it's located.
  • Hammertoe: There are two procedures we can use to correct hammertoes. The first, arthroplasty, is done by removing the inflamed joint. The second, arthrodesis, involves fusing the damaged joint to provide pain relief.
  • Ingrown toenails: If traditional treatments don't work to improve an ingrown nail, surgery may be necessary to remove it. Our team may perform a partial or complete nail avulsion (removal).
  • Abscesses and wounds: If you have diabetes, you may suffer a foot wound that fails to heal on its own over time. To stop the spread of infection, our team will cut out the affected tissues and graft healthy skin over the wound.
  • Foot fractures: Foot fracture surgery is performed to reset the broken bones to their proper positions and promote smoother healing.

During your consultation, we'll review your condition and go over what you can expect from your surgery. At Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center, we specialize in treating complex cases with the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Foot and ankle problems can impact your enjoyment of life by robbing you of your ability to even move around comfortably. Even worse, untreated foot disorders may lead to future problems, including infection or crippling pain. By undergoing foot surgery at Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center, you can enjoy a number of benefits, such as:

  • Restores form and function of the injured foot
  • Provides lasting pain relief
  • Allows you to exercise and play sports more comfortably
  • Can stop the spread of infection from the feet to the rest of the body
  • May prevent the need for more complicated treatments later on

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At Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center, our team is dedicated to helping our patients regain their comfort and quality of life with advanced foot and ankle treatments. If you're suffering from a wound or foot disorder that requires surgery to correct, you can trust our experienced surgeons. Schedule a consultation for foot surgery at our Philadelphia, PA facility at your earliest convenience.

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